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Awaken your metabolism and renew your cells from the inside to shine on the outside. A large amount of green vegetables fills the body with chlorophyll and the cells with oxygen….

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Winter Detox is a two-day program, which involves cleansing the entire body and boosting the immune system. Winter is a season that we mostly spend indoors full of viruses, so it is necessary to strengthen the immune system that will protect us from disease. The abundance of vitamin C, which has an incredible antibacterial effect and serves as an acidity regulator, is the main element of Winter detox.
In addition to the stated advantages, the combination of cold-press juices and protein shake will help you to easily get into the New Year’s gowns even after festive season.

Directions for use:
For best results, drink the first beverage (Winter Green) between 8am and 9am and the remaining four every 2,5 hours, in order to complete the day around 7 pm to 8 pm with the Winter Slim.

Program Contents:
1. Winter Green
2. Winter Protein Bomb
3. Winter Lemonade
4. Winter Imuno Bomb
5. Winter Slim

Effects: Promotes weight loss (2kg guaranteed) / Speeds up the metabolism / Provides energy boost / Burns the fat deposits / Strengthens the immune system / Excretes water / Reduces inflammatory processes / Builds muscle mass / Regulates the pH of the body


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