My name is Marija Djurovski and I am a certified Holistic health coach. I have a degree from the School of Natural Health Science in London, with a major in Child & Adolescent Nutrition. Housewife Detox is a unique brand of cold-pressed juices, which has become my profession over the years and above all, my passion for a healthy lifestyle. This brand is my calling, something without which everything would be impossible.


Mastering the technology of cold-press juicing and comprehending nutritional properties of various individual foods, and most importantly – their combinations, is the essence of the Housewife Detox story. Years of experience, recipe testing and adjusting formulas led to the development of each and every one of our Housewife Detox programs.


My knowledge regarding nutrition is something I want to share and help people. The body needs to be given a break, a time to cleanse itself in order to remain healthy. Housewife Detox programs are aligned with the body’s natural needs and the rhythm of daily life. The practice of fasting is deeply rooted in various traditions, which made me realize that detoxification is not an extravagant habit but a necessary need for our body. Raw unprocessed foods have been around much longer than processed products. Although consuming raw foods in today’s fast-moving world can seem difficult and complicated, the mission of the Housewife Detox brand is to make them necessary and accessible to everyone.

Everything we offer comes from carefully studied and nutritionally balanced ingredients, the combination which will help you achieve a natural increase in energy, vitality and simply a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and diet. Housewife Detox is based on the belief that detoxification of the body should not be thought of as denial and renunciation, but as an enriching experience. We are here to become your new healthy habit.

Not all the juices are the same 

The most common method of squeezing fruits and vegetables is with rotating blades which creates heat and stimulates the oxidation process. Once oxygen reaches the juice, it loses vitamins and nutrients.

Cold squeezing allows the juice to be extracted in its purest form without oxidation, while key vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and nutrients remain intact. Although this process is long and demanding, the end result is fresh, tasty, juice with the most used nutritional potential.

Learn to rest, not give up!

When our bodies continuously consume processed foods and refined sugar, we spend a lot of energy digesting complex foods which deplete our body. It is important for our bodies to get rid of toxins and allow the body to take a break. Detoxication is achieved through raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which are obtained by cold squeezing, so that they do not get in contact with heat. Using this technique, the nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and after a three-day detox, we lose weight, get rid of inflammatory processes and gain a lot of new energy.

It is not about deprivation, but about enriching experiences and habits.

A holistic approach to a healthy life is not a diet or a strict regime, but a proper combination of foods and replacement of unhealthy ones with healthy ones. The content of a meal and its nutrition are much more important for the vitality of the body than the amount and number of calories it contains. The human body does not like being burdened with heavy food, and an improper diet is exactly what causes bloating, tension, weakness and later, more serious health problems.

Imagine we didn’t think about our diet, but about the balance of our mind and body?

The world “diet” stalks us around every corner. Has that word become a trend or an obsession? Do we count calories and stick to a diet just to be happy with our appearance? Every one of us has at one point tried at least three types of diets, went to different nutritionists and listened to various tips on social networks. Probably none of us are completely satisfied with the results achieved. Now, maybe it’s time to stop thinking about dieting, but about the satisfaction that is achieved when we feel good and balanced in our body!

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